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Posted on 15 November, 2015


Eugene Kupjack – Washington’s Headquarters

Eugene Kupjack Besides The Thorne Rooms

A jeweler’s son, Eugene Kupjack began his career in miniatures in the 1930s while working on “The Thorne Rooms,” a series of 68 room boxes on permanent display at the Art Institute of Chicago. He created many works besides the Thorne Rooms. These four Presidential Room Boxes are examples.


Eugene Kupjack – Abraham Lincoln’s Law Office

Through clever lighting techniques and placement of objects, Eugene Kupjack created the illusion that the room’s tiny inhabitants had just left the scene. His creations were


Eugene Kupjack -Thomas Jefferson’s Bedroom, Monticello

completed without the benefit of computerized technology or high-tech bonding materials. Most detailing was done by hand, using tools that ranged from a band saw to a tiny dental pick.


Eugene Kupjack – General Grant’s Ding Room, Galena, Ohioene-grantdining

Today his sons Henry and Jay carry on their father’s legendary craftsmanship at the Kupjack Studios in Park Ridge, Illinois. Here is a link to my post “Henry Kupjack Miniaturist.

The four “Presidential Room Boxes are on exhibit at the Hoover Archives in the Herbert Hoover National Historic Site in West Branch, Iowa.



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