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I have had a life-long love affair with dollhouse miniatures, and careers in art education and interior design. I hope to combine these life experiences to help other miniature enthusiasts get more out of this wonderful hobby we enjoy, a hobby that often reaches the level of an art form. Susan Downing

Posted on 07 August, 2017


Dominique’s Maison Garfield on the Humpty Dumpty House website

Humpty Dumpty House – Harry Potter Dragons

The Humpty Dumpty House is a delightful site owned by the French miniaturist Dominique. Her skill in creating miniature items – I especially like her shoes – is amazing. Dominique’s taste in dollhouses goes from the traditional, the Victorian Maison Garfield to the bizarre Voodoo Boat, with the Harry Potter Azimuth Dragons in between. The machine translation from French to English may be a bit clunky. The photography is not. And be sure to check out Dominique’s Tips and Miniatures.

Photographs and text are from the Humpty Dumpty House website.


New entrance to the Maison Garfield Victorian Dollhouse

Maison Garfield – A New facade

I spent lately remaking the facades of my Garfield home. It was the first, and the finish was not the best. I added scenery, shutters and new windows, balustrades too while keeping the same colors.

I just got out of the boxes the Christmas decorations for the Garfield House. I had in stock a fir tree, a garland, and some cookies. The whole thing was somewhat updated. I added holly wreaths, including on the candlesticks, some gifts, and stockings … Merry Christmas!


Azimuthed room with dragon signs, on the Humpty Dumpty House website.

Asimuthed Dragons – Inspired by Harry Potter

The house and shop of Azimuth Dragons are finally finished. The photos phase of the set was long and difficult: many details in a capharnaum of objects superimposed on each other!The world of this shop is exactly that of Harry Potter, but do not look for it in any of the books, it is actually where the author left white … I do not know if it is in The English or French wizarding world, the manufactured or purchased objects come from the corresponding Muggle worlds.


The Crooked House Interior

Crooked House

Here is the inside of my cabin of Peau d ‘Ane. The general atmosphere of the decor is inspired by the film of Jacques Demy with Catherine Deneuve.

Downstairs, the kitchen is rather old and not very clear where PA prepares his cake of love, to seduce the prince. She also opened the chest that her godmother offered her containing her magic wand, her famous dresses, and princely effects. There also remains the skin of the ass left on the trunk.

Upstairs, next to a Tudor bed that has seen others, the sun color dress, some jewelry and blankets, and cushions worthy of a princess.

Tips and Miniatures

This is one of my favorite links on the left sidebar. Following is Dominique’s post on New Shoes, dated January 26, 2012:


New Shoes on the Tips and Miniatures

New shoes

Here are some precious pairs of shoes I just finished for my shop Etsy. All are made of silk or cotton printed in soft colors, with ribbons, knots of silk and decorations of precious stones that would suit Marie Antoinette or Madame de Pompadour or any other great lady interested in filling her wardrobe, dress. On these models, I was able to improve the quality of leather soles and a new form of heels. I also added tailor-made boxes, very romantic too, the interior is in silk and the outside made of printed paper of various motifs, decorated with a small knot. The packaging is always matched to the shoes.

For more great photographs, click here to see Dominique’s Flickr photostream.

Susan Downing, with Patrick Owens


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