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Posted on 01 May, 2016


Nana’s Art Deco Dollhouse found on Nana’s Dollhouses and Miniatures

Art Deco Needs More Love

I am not sure why we don’t see more art deco miniatures. It’s a wonderful era for dollhouse enthusiasts. You can have all the shiny, colorful objects you want. Flamboyant murals or stylized images from nature. Almost anything goes, as long as it’s declarative and streamlined.


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Posted on 08 April, 2016


The Whiteladies House is on exhibit at the Victoria & Albert Museum

More Art Deco – Whiteladies House


This Art Deco house was designed by Mrs. Moray Thomas as a record of 1930s contemporary life in miniature. One of the oldest charity houses, it was displayed at The Building Centre in New Bond Street in 1936 for the purpose of raising funds for the Middlesex Hospital.


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Posted on 05 March, 2016


Stettheimer Dollhouse Foyer and Glass Elevator found on MonopolThe First Dollhouse 

The Stettheimer Dollhouse

Saranac Lake in the Adirondacks was a favorite watering hole of the New York City rich and famous. In the summer of 1916, the upper-class children had a fund-raising bazaar to benefit local children affected by a polio epidemic. Some pestered their parents for contributions, others pestered the neighbors. Carrie Stettheimer, the youngest of three daughters, got wooden boxes from a grocer and created a dollhouse with found objects and scraps. When the family returned home to their West 58th Street mansion, Carrie began her life-long work – The Stettheimer Dollhouse.


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Posted on 28 September, 2015


This is a working replica of the Sparton Model 557 “Sled” Radio by Walter Dorwin Teague – $5,900

Art Deco Miniatures Anyone?

Here’s a great resource for images, from which you can make patterns for the accessories you will want to make yourself. The 1stdibs website sells very pricey originals and replicas of designer products. Shop away, if the price tags don’t throw you.

For artisans, it is a treasure trove of clear images of great products from which to make patterns of pieces in any scale. Most have pictures from multiple angles. The top navigation bar has these tabs: Furniture, Fine Art, Jewelry & Watches, Fashion, Collections, Magazine.

The radio pictured is the Sparton Model 557 “Sled” Radio, designed by Walter Drown Teague. Price: $5,900. Does it work? Not necessarily. The description includes the statement that ?this prime example of a highly sought after Art Deco streamline style of radio, with ‘speed lines.’ is sold as a decorative piece.?

Ah, well. We all have to accessorize. Still, this website is a great resource.


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