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Posted on 17 May, 2017


The 18th Century Room Setting as it appeared in 1917. (C) Victoria and Albert Museum, London

18th Century Room Setting

Curator Sarah Wood found that one of the most exciting parts of redisplaying the dolls’ house gallery at the Victoria & Albert Museum has been reviving the so-called ‘18th-century room setting’. This intriguing group of furniture, cutlery, kitchenware, wooden panels, and dolls was purchased by the Victoria & Albert Museum in 1877 when it was bought for £20 from a Staffordshire woman named Mrs. Thornhill.


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Posted on 01 August, 2015

Doris, A Colvin Cleaning Lady

Doris, A Colvin Cleaning Lady

The Colvin Cleaning Ladies

I love Sherri Colvin’s ability to great such amazing facial expressions on her dolls. Not surprising, I guess, considering her fine arts back ground and work in portraiture. Her series of cleaning ladies is my favorite. Watch the 1.37 minute video to meet the whole bunch:

And here are links to 2 brief tutorials on assembling resin doll kits. Sherri is not giving away trade secrets on creating those wonderful expressions. You’ll have to supply your own artistry for that.

Tutorial I

Tutorial II


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