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Posted on 13 August, 2017


Late Victorian/Edwardian Dollhouse found on AnniesMinis

Late Victorian Furniture

A revolution was about to take place. Artists and designers revolted against the machine age that replaced an individual’s talent. In furniture, the Arts/Aesthetics and Arts & Crafts movements would round out the Victorian era. And a book would be the focal point.


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Posted on 02 September, 2016


Four Classy New York 1:12 Scale Shopping Bags

Dollhouse Shopping Bags 1:12 Scale



I have over 30 famous-name dollhouse shopping bags from which to choose. These 1:12 scale bags have handles and removable tissue paper peeking out the top. Most measure 1” x 1,25”; some, like a Tiffany bag are slightly smaller, in keeping with sizes in the real world. You can buy individual bags, or mix and match in any quantity.

Shown above are four shopping bags from New York City stores. Other bags include

Can’t find what you want? Send me a message. Custom orders are welcomed. If I can find the logo of your favorite store, I’ll make it for you at no additional cost.


Harrods 1:12 Scale Shopping Bag

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Susan Downing

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Posted on 21 May, 2016


Miss Miles’ House is the only piece in the Victoria and Albert Museum collection that belonged to an actual child.

Susan’s Note:

Idy Keeler gives a good basic list of the types of accessories and pieces of furniture to use in a Victorian dollhouse. I especially like the opening paragraphs where Idy describes how the Victorians got to be so … should I say eclectic with their decorating, interiors and exteriors. Here is Idy’s article:


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Posted on 11 March, 2016


The Tasha Tudor Dollhouse study, found on “Mrs. Rabe’s trip to Williamsburg”

Tasha Tudor’s Dollhouse

The dollhouse you see on exhibit at the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum at Williamsburg is not the real one. The original was more like room boxes built into the walls of her home in Marlboro, Vermont.  Tudor’s “dollhouse” in Corgi Cottage, came to the attention of curators at Colonial Williamsburg in 1996. They offered to build a ¼ scale replica, complete with miniature goat barn and greenhouse.


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