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Posted on 13 January, 2016


Victoria Sponge Cake video tutorial by Akameru Kawaii

Sponge Cake Video Tutorial

Here’s one of Akameru Kawaii’s great video tutorials on the use of polymer clay. Looks delicious!
Hi guys! I haven’t made a miniature cake in a while, so today we’re making miniature Victoria Sponge Cake. I got the tea set from ebay and then hand-painted it to give it a cuter look. This cake is in 1:12 scale, but you can make them in any size you want and add headpins to make them charms :) I used a mix of the polymer clay brands Fimo and Cernit in this video, but you can use any brand you like. The liquid clay I use is from the brand Fimo. Thank you so much for watching,
Akameru Kawaii

Posted by Susan Downing

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