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Posted on 25 December, 2016


The 18th Century Room Setting as it appeared in 1917. (C) Victoria and Albert Museum, London

18th Century Room Setting

Curator Sarah Wood found that one of the most exciting parts of redisplaying the dolls’ house gallery at the Victoria & Albert Museum has been reviving the so-called ‘18th-century room setting’. This intriguing group of furniture, cutlery, kitchenware, wooden panels, and dolls was purchased by the Victoria & Albert Museum in 1877 when it was bought for £20 from a Staffordshire woman named Mrs. Thornhill.


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Posted on 24 August, 2016


Cabinet dollhouse made in 1892 by Alois Pauli

Albrecht’s Dollhouse Workshop

In the town of Elsterberg, Germany, not far from the Czech border, is a shop specializing in “beautiful things from the past and the old things newly manufactured.” Besides making sales, the goal of Petra and Albrecht, the owners of Albrecht’s Dollhouse Workshop, is to preserve the tradition of individually created toys and dollhouse miniatures.


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