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Posted on 12 September, 2016


Mexican Mansion Dollhouse found on Monica Monteiro”s Flickr photostream

Mexican Mansion Dollhouse

This small mansion is believed to be a copy of a house which once stood in Puebla. It was discovered in an antique shop in Puebla in the spring of 1977. Although the facade of the house has some Moorish features, it is French in flavor, a reflection of many full-sized


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Posted on 14 August, 2016


Thorne Room Tennessee Entrance Hall

Dollhouse Museum Research

Ellen Egan’s article on making dollhouse museums part of your research and inspiration mentions 4 of the world’s best. I have added five more dollhouse miniature museums, all right here in the United states.

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Doing Research For Your Dollhouse By Visiting Dollhouse Museums
By Ellen Egan

An important part of planning the details of your dollhouse is doing a bit of research. Perhaps you want to find out a bit more about the historical period you are trying to represent. Or, perhaps your dollhouse has a theme and you want to be sure to get the details right. You can do some of this research online and at your local library. But, a fun way to research and get ideas is by visiting a dollhouse museum.


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Posted on 07 May, 2016


The South Jersey House, Flora Gill Jacobs collection

Flora Gill Jacobs, 87, Who Opened Dollhouse Museum, Dies


Published: June 12, 2006

Flora Gill Jacobs, an internationally recognized authority on dollhouses who spent her adult life blissfully awash in minutiae, including tiny, lavishly appointed mansions and an ornate Mexican villa that came with its own chapel (very small priest included), died on May 31 in Washington. She was 87 and lived in Chevy Chase, Md.


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Posted on 16 March, 2016

The Miniature Museum of Taiwan


Lin Wee-jen, founder of the Miniature Museum of Taiwan, found on Taiwan Today

The history of dollhouse miniatures has many collectors who wanted to show their treasures to a wider audience than at an occasional social gathering. Some like Narcissa Niblack Thorne chose to endow a permanent exhibition at a suitable museum. Others created their own museum to reach a wider audience. Lin Wen-jen is such a collector.

The Miniature Museum of Taiwan houses the collection of founder Lin Wen-jen. It is privately run and is Asia’s only museum dedicated to miniature artworks. Before retiring as president of Taiwan Fluorescent Lamp Co. Lin traveled extensively on business and got into the habit of shopping for model cars and toy figurines as gifts for children.


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