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Posted on 12 March, 2016


Charles Matton furnishing his Grand Atelier

Charles Matton Boxes

Charles Matton considered his Boxes to be enclosures for the recreation of life. He described his concept this way: “I create two kinds of boxes: those whose purpose is to recreate an atmosphere that has delighted me, a memory whose existence I wish to perpetuate; and the more objective pieces that are the result of a detailed examination of the ‘realistic truth’ of a certain place.”


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Posted on 14 January, 2016

modern-dollhouse-worth-conchita home

Originally found on Conchita Home, a Polish home design website. That link is now broken. Sorry.

Modern Dollhouses-A Second Look

They provide hours of wonderful fun and provide a hobby that grows as big as your imagination. Since most of us have had only minimal exposure to modern architecture in homes it stands to reason that we may be reticent to explore modern styles as a dollhouse possibility. We have a tendency to dismiss that which we don’t understand. As it was said in the tag line from a famous commercial, “Try it. You’ll like it.”


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Posted on 04 January, 2016


Paris Renfroe Red Dining room furniture, found on Mondern Min Houses

Paris Renfroe Miniatures

Paris Renfroe was a successful designer of residential and commercial space in San Francisco when he indulged a life-long love by creating 1:12 scale miniatures of his full-sized designs.


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Posted on 31 December, 2015


Singapore Airlines cabins – No Detail Is Too Small

Miniatures Star In TV Commercials

Isn’t great that dollhouse miniatures are attracting enough attention that creative minds on Madison Avenue are bringing the 1:12th scale world into popular culture? These four short videos show a great way to deliver a sponsor’s message, wire a miniature box to receive that commercial and a really great room in which to watch it.

Singapore Airlines

The “No Detail Too Small” title of this video is an indication of the skill the miniature artisan has in creating the seating arrangements for an Airbus A380 double-deck airliner. There’s a sub-title to this commercial: “Singapore Airlines cabins in 1,000 hours and using 100 envelopes.” Wait ’til you see the number of patterns the artisan uses, just for 3 seats. , the next time I go to Singapore, I want to book a “suite.” (more…)

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