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Posted on 09 August, 2015


Dollhouse hand-knotted rugs and carpets by Ludwina Akbulut-Van Oosterwyck

Rugs – The Real Thing

Note from Susan

If you are going to lay out big bucks for a hand-knotted carpet, this guide by Laura and Ludwina will help you know the real thing.

Dollhouse Miniature Carpets And Rugs

By Laura and Ludwina

Rugs: The Real Thing. As in real-life, I cannot imagine a doll’s house without carpets. Carpets or rugs as a lot of us call them, give a warm and cozy feeling to any room. With this guide I do not want to explain about styles and periods, but about the different techniques used to make miniature carpets, with the hope that if you understand the length of time and the level of skill required to make some of these carpets you will appreciate their value. (more…)

Posted by Susan Downing

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