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Posted on 24 February, 2016


Miniature Tudor Style Pub found on Thea Gargas’s board

Tudor Ale House

Tudor Ale House

Today it’s called a pub. Don’t be fooled by the name, it’s still a private business licensed to sell alcohol to the general public. The big difference between the present day “local” and the its Tudor ancestor is the area served. The Church had been the center of village life until Henry VIII ordered the destruction of over nine hundred structures.

The ale house offered public rooms, as well as food and drink where many church functions could be held.

It all began in 43 AD when the first Roman wine bar, known as a “tabernae,” was opened in England to help quench the thirst of the legionary troops.


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Posted on 23 February, 2016


Miniature Polymer Suitcase Tutorial, found on SugarCharmShop

Miniature Suitcase Tutorial

Tanja Jensen has some great tutorials on polymer clay in her YouTube channel.

This is one of my favorites.


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Posted on 01 April, 2015

Finding Your Marbles

First off, this “how-to” is about making custom wallpaper that looks like the stone, not the little round things called shooters, aggies, clearies and such.
I found this idea on the Better Homes & Gardens website on making your own marbleized wallpaper. It looks like fun and is not hard to do. The only issue is scaling done the ingredients from the real room-sized portions given in the article.
This technique is not limited to wallpaper, of course, or for any time period or style. From marble floors in a Victorian dollhouse to pop art on the walls of a modern miniature,
If you absolutely, positively can’t find what you want from the many artisans and shops online, try this method to create your own unique design.

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