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Posted on 17 May, 2017


The 18th Century Room Setting as it appeared in 1917. (C) Victoria and Albert Museum, London

18th Century Room Setting

Curator Sarah Wood found that one of the most exciting parts of redisplaying the dolls’ house gallery at the Victoria & Albert Museum has been reviving the so-called ‘18th-century room setting’. This intriguing group of furniture, cutlery, kitchenware, wooden panels, and dolls was purchased by the Victoria & Albert Museum in 1877 when it was bought for £20 from a Staffordshire woman named Mrs. Thornhill.


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Posted on 16 April, 2017


Miniature Conestoga Wagon Scene -1/12th scale

Miniature Conestoga Wagon

I am so flattered that the editors of American Miniaturist magazine included my Miniature Conestoga Wagon Scene in the “History Recorded In Miniature” issue. Click on either photograph to read the article, which is mainly about what you can do to improve a rather ho-hum miniature kit.


Susan Downing



American Miniature Magazine – History Issue


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Posted on 11 May, 2016


1900s Photo Studio found on BoredPanda

Ali Alamedy’s Dioramas

Ali Alamedy’s dioramas are amazing; his life story even more so. Here are some highlights in his own words:

“I Built A Miniature 1900s Photo Studio In Honor Of An Old Photographer

‘I spent 9 months working on the studio using hundreds of meters of wood and lots of other materials like plastic, copper, paper, etc. I built more than 100 miniature objects all designed and built according to that era. All the objects were made from scratch. There were lots of challenges especially when I was doing the research. I could find only a few pictures from old studios all in white and black.


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Posted on 20 April, 2016


Dan Ohlmann’s 1:12 scale Maxims Restaurant in Paris, found on MAKE:

Dan Ohlmann Miniature Artisan

Formerly a cabinetmaker, Dan Ohlmann started creating scale furniture in Paris in 1985. Fascinated with the Art Nouveau style, he built a 1:12 scale model of the world famous Chez Maxim’s restaurant in Paris. Combining artistic talent and architectural knowledge, this hyperreal piece came as a surprise in France and caught the eye of the media and the general public.


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