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Posted on 28 March, 2016


It seems the choice is unlimited. But out of all these bolts of fabric, the right one to use in a dollhouse miniature may be missing.

The Perfect Curtain Fabric

When looking for the elusive perfect curtain fabric, think beyond color. Weight of the cloth and its pattern or weave are critically important.

I feel that when we focus primarily on color, and don’t consider the “technicalities?” of pattern size and the weight of the fabric, we risk falling in love with an inappropriate material. The color is gorgeous, but perhaps the pattern is too large, or the fabric too stiff


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Posted on 04 January, 2016


Paris Renfroe Red Dining room furniture, found on Mondern Min Houses

Paris Renfroe Miniatures

Paris Renfroe was a successful designer of residential and commercial space in San Francisco when he indulged a life-long love by creating 1:12 scale miniatures of his full-sized designs.


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