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Posted on 24 March, 2016


Tim Hartnell and the 1920s Luxury Hotel

Tim Hartnell Miniaturist

Tim and his wife, Angela Hartnell are the owners of Anglia Dolls Houses, which specializes in creating fully decorated, 1/12th scale miniature works. Their standard designs are early Georgian through the Regency period; commissions are from any period.

1920s Luxury Hotel

A recent project is a replica of a 1920s grand hotel, such as The Ritz or The Hotel de Louvre in Paris. It’s huge, weighing 840 pounds and measuring 6′ wide, 4′ deep, 8′ 6” high. It was shipped to its U.S. buyer in 11 separate crates.


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Posted on 29 February, 2016


Kew Palace, Embroidered bed from a doll’s house built-in the 1780s for the daughters of King George III

Kew Palace Doll’s House

The doll’s house of Kew Palace was made around 1780 by the carpenter on board the Royal Yacht for the young daughters of King George III. I can imagine bored children needing the distraction while the adults enjoyed a leisurely cruise down the Thames and the Estuary.


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Posted on 19 February, 2016


South Carolina Ballroom. 1775 – 1835, found on the Amy Vermillion blog

The Georgian Style

Susan’s Note:

This article by Julie Ann was one of the most popular posts of the last few months and is well worth repeating. It s a must-read for anyone working on a Georgian dollhouse.


How to Achieve a Genuine Georgian House

by Julie Ann

Influences and style

To achieve a genuine Georgian house style when building or decorating your own Georgian dolls house it is important to


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Posted on 19 December, 2015

Blog-Worlds' Greatest Dollhouse?

World’s Greatest Dolls House?

That’s what a Daily Mail headline writer called “Langdon Hall.” Leonard Martin spent 26 years building this miniature Georgian manor house. Is this the world’s greatest dolls house? There is lots of competition for that title, but it fits my definition of an Amazing Miniature.

Here’s the story behind the building of the amazing project in Leonard Martin’s own words, found on the Hungerford Antique Mall site:


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