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Posted on 22 September, 2017


Ron Hubble’s Jacobean Salon In the Miniature Museum of Taiwan

Beige Is Beautiful

Beige Is beautiful if you have more than one shade in the room. When working with a neutral as your primary color, go from light to dark hues on the walls, rug, and large pieces furniture. The walls could be the lightest shade; curtains, a filmy darker hue; the rug a much darker shade. Be careful to keep these secondary colors compatible, that the undertones are in the same family. Because of the compacted spaces, unfortunate choices in color are more obvious in a miniature than a real room. But it’s a lot easier and cheaper to correct the mistake.


Posted by Patrick Owens

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Posted on 26 May, 2016


Megan Hornbeck miniature found on Shapeways

The Neutrals: A Room With White Walls

Consider your miniature white room a blank slate, an opportunity to do whatever you want, and go wherever your creativity will take you. This positive approach is a lot better than being intimidated by what at first glance looks like a colorless space.


Posted by Susan Downing

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Posted on 12 January, 2016

Helena Rubinstein's Second Empire Room Box

Helena Rubinstein collection. The Second Empire Room Box

Neutrals Beige vs. Gray

This post has some tips on working with beige and gray. At the bottom is a link Renate Herring-Shepherd’s terrific e-Book on creating what you want with color – in a real room or dollhouse. It also contains a color wheel training video I like. Download it free.


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Posted on 11 June, 2015


Wall Art Cluster-Optimizing Space In A Dollhouse

Optimizing Space

As an interior designer specializing in small-space living, I am constantly researching how other designers handle challenges. A Chicago designer, Marshall Erb, has a wonderful way of handling space, which is so applicable to dollhouse miniatures.

Room box Inspiration?

Look at all the elements in the picture of a dining room table set in an alcove, and picture how you could utilize this idea in a miniature. Look through Marshall’s portfolio; you might find solutions for other space challenges.

And please check the Categories box on the right sidebar of this blog for other dollhouse decorating ideas.


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