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Posted on 26 November, 2015


Gottschalk Blue Roof Early Victorian, which overlaps the Biedermeier period

Biedermeier dollhouses do not exist!

Don’t believe me? To quote Casey Stengel, the long-time manager of the New York Yankees, “You can look it up!” Use “biedermeier dollhouse” as a search term in your browser. A directory of furniture and decorating hits come up, but no dollhouses using the “B” word.

Biedermeier refers to a period of time, roughly 1815 – 1848. The Napoleonic Wars had drained the European economies. The German and Austrian middle classes longed for the good old days before Napoleon decided to rule the world. They wanted peace and quiet and stability, a comfortable home with lots of family around. That meant furniture that was comfortable and inexpensive.



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