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Posted on 15 March, 2015


Elegant Home Office, hidden behind the sofa. Source unknown.

Elegant Home Office

In real life, a home office does not have to hidden behind louvered doors in an extra closet. The same is true in contemporary room boxes or dollhouses. Here is one example of how to do it in a tiny space, and still have this work area fit in with elegant surroundings.


Flat screen TV takes over the room, an unattractive focal point.

In the picture with the butterfly print on the wall, the sofa was moved to the center of the living room, using the space behind as a home office. A glass-top desk and narrow credenza have just enough room behind the sofa. With this arrangement, if the TV is centered in front of the sofa, and the desk is too, you can have entertainment while you work.


Hide the flat screen TV behind a piece of fabric art stabled to a stretch. Easily removable.

For me, there’s a big negative with this plan. I dislike seeing a big, flat-screen TV on a living room wall. The pictures with the rust-colored walls show how I handled this for a client. I boxed in the telly with 1X4s. Then I bought a stretcher at Michaels and stapled a piece of Marimekko fabric art (the stylized poppy) to it. The stretcher hangs on the 1X4 frame until it’s time to zone-out with the tube.

Why not do the same in a miniature?




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