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Posted on 20 December, 2015

20-modern-dollhouses-auctioned-KIDS charity

20 Modern Dollhouse auctioned for the KIDS charity

Thinking Out Of The Box

Twenty London architects built miniature houses in 2011 to be auctioned for the benefit of KIDS, a British charity that provides support to children with disabilities. Each of the designers incorporated an element that would make life easier for a disabled child.Besides the worthy cause involved in this project, these miniatures are one example of how diverse the dollhouse universe is today. Wonderful! Click on the image to see all twenty dollhouses. I wonder where they are today.

Modern Dollhouses Are Worth A Second Look” is another post that might interest you.

And here’s a very good resource for miniature enthusiasts: Modern Mini Houses.


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Posted on 15 October, 2015


This is a Home Depot video advertising Premier Paints, all in 1:1 scale, except the human hand. All to Latin beats, Uh!

Prime Time In 1:1 Scale. Isn’t it great that dollhouse miniatures are attracting enough attention to trigger a creative mind(s) into bringing our world into popular culture?

Thank you Angela Tara Green in the Miniaturas/Miniatures FB Group for sharing this “must-see” video.

Susan Downing

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Posted on 14 September, 2015


California Dreaming Modern Dollhouses, found on the LA Times

California Dreaming Modern Dollhouses

That’s my thought for the day. I love all period dollhouses, Victorian, Edwardian, Colonial,  as much because of the history they evoke, as the craftsmanship. But I need to see contemporary works too, to see where our wonderful obsession is going, as well as where it’s been. So, when I feel the urge, it’s California Dreaming Modern Dollhouses for me.


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Posted on 20 July, 2015

pleated-peach-dollhouse-curtains-1/12 scale

Pleated Peach Dollhouse Curtains 1/12 scale

Dollhouse Curtains For Sale

These cotton dollhouse curtains are 1/12 scale. the dimensions being 7″ long x 8″ wide. set has 2 double-width panels to accommodate a large dollhouse window. Single widths are also available. Please specify which you would like. A curtain rod and three wall brackets are included. Price: $12.99. Click on pictures for more details; contact me for custom orders.


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