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Posted on 18 July, 2015


Sara Rothe Cabinet Dollhouse, Gemeente Museum, The Hague

Sara Rothe – The Other Cabinet Dollhouse

On April 2, 1743, Sara Rothe was the high bidder on 3 dollhouse created by Cornelia van der Gon, a leading dollhouse builder of the time. The incentive seems to have been to scavenge these dollhouses for their contents to improve the two cabinet dollhouse Rothe already owned. Apparently it worked out. The dollhouse in the Franz Hals Museum is amazing. The one at on exhibit at the Gemeente Museum at The Hague equally so.


Sara Rothe Sitting Room, Gemeente Museum, The Hague

Of the the three dollhouse mentioned above that were purchased at auction, one was supposed to be in poor condition, but had an exceptional group of dolls in it. This dollhouse has many more dolls that the one in the Franz Halls Museum, so I guess this was there new home.


Sara Rothe Dollhouse Kitchen, Gemeente Museum, The Hague

Click on the picture of the ladies lounge in the sitting room. There is a nice article in the museum blog about the pieces that have gone missing offer the years, especially from the silver room.


Family portrait. Sara Rothe’s mother on left; husband standing; Sara at the harpsichord.











Here’s a link to a charming video.  Enjoy.

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