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Posted on 29 October, 2015


The Witch’s Shack, a hallowe’en miniature for my children.

The Witch’s Shack is an early project commissioned by my children to enhance their Halloween experience. It has the usual ghoulish accessories, but I like to personalize my projects. Pictures of scary ancestors would be good, but not having any ghosts in the family, I decided to have bottles of potion labeled with the titles of oft-told stories trotted out at every family gathering, like:


The Witch’s Shack room box for Hallowe’en close-up

Chicken Chins: A neighbor lady was sick and sent her husband to the store with a list. One item looked like chicken chins. He had never seen a chicken with a chin and asked the butcher for help. They searched, the butcher frowning all the while, the husband proclaiming that if his wife says this store sells chicken chins, they must be here someplace. Not true. What was on the list was “chicken din,” for dinner. The gag was the butcher really thought he would learn something new about poultry. The old folks convulsed with laughter whenever this story was told. So, a Chicken Chins label got pasted on a potions bottle.


The Witch’s Shack room box for Hallowe’en potions shelf

Another magic ingredient came from the Potato Cure For Car Sickness story. My little sister had terrible car sickness. For up-chuck emergencies, a decorated Crisco can (with lid) was kept by her side on every road trip. A maiden aunt had a sure-fire home remedy: cut a russet potato in half and hold one part your hand. Did it work? I’m not sure because she went on to say, “And buy a bottle of Mother Sills Seasick Pills.” Another bottle on the potion shelf.


Mother Sills was also the inspiration for a domed miniature when I bought a 1:12 scale bottle of her sea sick pills at a miniature flea market. Also under the dome was the rest of my sister’s barf kit including the Crisco can I made out of Fimo.

My children’s reaction to their Halloween commission? I barely got paid a compliment. No matter. The grandchildren love this future family heirloom.

And I had fun!


Posted by Susan Downing

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