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Posted on 19 December, 2015

Blog-Worlds' Greatest Dollhouse?

World’s Greatest Dolls House?

That’s what a Daily Mail headline writer called “Langdon Hall.” Leonard Martin spent 26 years building this miniature Georgian manor house. Is this the world’s greatest dolls house? There is lots of competition for that title, but it fits my definition of an Amazing Miniature.

Here’s the story behind the building of the amazing project in Leonard Martin’s own words, found on the Hungerford Antique Mall site:


“Welcome to the history of Langdon Hall.”

”My name is Leonard Martin, I designed and built this house in 
memory of my mother and younger brother Ken.
 I started over twenty-six years ago and it has been an on and off 
project ever since.

“The house is a 1/12th scale and most of it is 
hand made. It is 6’ 2” long by 2’ 3” wide and 3’ 6” high. It has 
cavity walls, marble, and wood floors. The main ceilings are 
painted plaster which has then been gilded with 24ct gold leaf.

“Each room is illuminated by electric lights and some have glowing fireplaces.

The house comprises of  Entrance hall, Dining room, Sitting room
, Kitchen,
 Bedroom one with bathroom
, Bedroom two with bathroom

The exterior walls are clad with a combination of 720 quoin 
stones and over 4000 mock stones hand cut from cardboard. 
The roof is topped with 138 balustrade and 16 statues.

Langdon Hall, the country seat of Lady Langdon.”

Here’s a link to the full Daily Mail article which has many more photos of Langdon Hall.


Susan Downing, with Patrick Owens


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