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I have had a life-long love affair with dollhouse miniatures, and careers in art education and interior design. I hope to combine these life experiences to help other miniature enthusiasts get more out of this wonderful hobby we enjoy, a hobby that often reaches the level of an art form. Susan Downing

Posted on 04 January, 2016


Paris Renfroe Red Dining room furniture, found on Mondern Min Houses

Paris Renfroe Miniatures

Paris Renfroe was a successful designer of residential and commercial space in San Francisco when he indulged a life-long love by creating 1:12 scale miniatures of his full-sized designs.


Paris Renfroe’s Yellow / Gray tear drop print, found on Modern Mini Houses

Mid-Century Modernist

Influenced by Mid Century Modernism, this is what Paris says about himself: “I consider myself an ‘Industrial Modernist’.  Much of my work consists of custom furniture, built-ins, closets, storage, and space planning. I specialize in affordable, modern furniture with clients ranging from young professional Urbanites to Empty Nesters relocating to the urban city.”


Paris Renfroe, Modern Mid-Century Artisan

Industrial Designer

Click on Paris’ headshot for a link to his design studio, for an idea of how his ideas go from the real world to our wonderful fantasy land.

Love it!

Posted by Susan Downing

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