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I have had a life-long love affair with dollhouse miniatures, and careers in art education and interior design. I hope to combine these life experiences to help other miniature enthusiasts get more out of this wonderful hobby we enjoy, a hobby that often reaches the level of an art form. Susan Downing

Posted on 03 February, 2016


Helena Rubinstein Dining Room found in the Tel Aviv Museum of Art


Accessorizing Kitchen, Lounge & Dining Room


The following article by Julia Morrison is an excellent guide for the basic items you will need to accessorize a dollhouse Kitchen, Lounge & Dining Room. Of course, you have decisions to make before making it a shopping list. In what era does your project take place? (I chose Edwardian images for this post). Who lives in your dollhouse, aristocrats or commoners? Is it a dollhouse? A room box might give you more space in which to work. Are you recreating a memory, copying a the room from a painting or photograph? What’s your budget?

Also, be sure to use appropriate room names. For instance, the Edwardians did not have a lounge. “Parlor” could be used as a family room or maybe it’s a “ladies sitting room.” Men hang out in a “Study.”

Here’s Julie Morrison’s article

Accessories: Kitchen, Lounge & Dining Room

by Julia Morrison

In order to make a dollhouse look as real as possible, one of the best things you can do is to decorate your house with lots of different dollhouse accessories. In part 1 we will be looking at the best dollhouse accessories for decorating the kitchen, lounge and dining room of your dollhouse.

Just look around in your own house. What can you see? Books, ornaments, candles, pictures on the walls, rugs on the floor? Imagine how bare your home would look if there was only furniture in it. Following are some tips on how and which dollhouse accessories you can use to make your house look absolutely authentic.


Kitchen found on Edwardian Doll House Designs


Dollhouse Accessories for the kitchen
You should have lots of activity going on in the kitchen; baking, cooking and preparing. On your kitchen table display baking dishes, rolling pin and cookie cutters or some vegetables and meat on a chopping board. You could also set the table for the kitchen staff with plates, cutlery, some food items, a pitcher and glasses or mugs. There are many different dollhouse accessories you can display in your kitchen.

On your stove put a kettle, pots, and pans with or without food in them. You can place a scale on a side table, you can decorate some dishes and cutlery or pots on your washing stand. If you have a cabinet or hutch in your kitchen you may want to decorate it with plates or you even put a freshly baked cake on it. If you have enough wall space hang up a utensil rack.


A Sweetington Edwardian Sitting Room found on a home decorating site


Dollhouse Accessories for the lounge
Decorate your sofa with cushions, put rugs on the floor and pictures on the wall of your lounge. If you have a table decorate it with a lacy tablecloth. You may want to put a vase or pot with flowers on the table too. If you place people on the sofa, you can put glasses on the table or even a pipe with smoking utensils like tobacco and matches.

Other furniture in your lounge can also be decorated with flowers, pot plants, ornaments such as ginger jars, a mantle clock, a bowl with fruit or even books. Accessories such as candle sticks in brass or silver are also a good option to use in your lounge.


Dull Green for an Edwardian Dolls House Dining Room, found on Dolls Houses and Minis

Dining Room

Set the dining table with your best china, cutlery, and glasses. Place some flowers in the middle and if you like, place a large ham and some vegetables on serving dishes. You can also use a tea set and place a cake and some cookies on the table.

Decorate the rest of the room similar to your lounge, with ornaments and items such as candle sticks or vases filled with beautiful flowers. You should always use pictures on the wall and rugs on the floor as part of your furnishing. It makes a big difference to the atmosphere in your house.

Julia Morrison



Susan Downing, with Patrick Owens


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