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Posted on 29 October, 2016


Patterns in a Ladies Boudoir – 1/12 scale

Combining Patterns

When you are painting, wallpapering or making tiny things for your dollhouse, be aware of what patterns you are using. Make sure they do justice to the room. Here are a few guidelines for combining patterns in a small space.


Coordinating the colors in these prints is critical. The primary color should be repeated in each fabric, but not necessarily in the same percentage. The secondary colors can be different, but having the same undertones. Autumn colors together, cool colors together, is the way to go.


Rococo Daybed found on (sold out)

Three Sizes

Think about using a large, medium, and small pattern in the room. You could start with a tiny print in the wallpaper or sofa or bed or some other large area. A medium print with coordinating colors could be used in the curtains, or chair or smaller area. Finish with a big bold print on some throw pillows or a small accent wall.


Think about the type of print as well. The small print could be tiny flowers; medium a plaid; large a circle or square pattern. All of the different sizes need not be, and probably shouldn’t be, the same type of print. Don’t use all flowers or all plaids.

An Exception


Neo-Classical Roomset – Cream, found on Bradbury Wallpapers

A “theme” room would be the exception. Let’s say you grow flowers and want a garden room that has flowers everywhere. Then all flower prints would be appropriate. But that would be the exception. To avoid a “too much of a good thing” problem, add a print with garden visitors, like birds, butterflies or fairies from a nearby forest.

The Background

Don’t forget solid colors. With all those prints going on, solids here and there make a good background for those glorious prints.


Susan Downing, with Patrick Owens


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