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Posted on 15 October, 2016


Robert Heard and his dolls houses

Robert Heard Artisan

Following is the text from The Creative Process page of Robert Heard’s website. Click on either Bough House photograph for more great pictures of Bough Houses.

“Once I start creating, I do not know where the structure will end.”


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Posted on 21 September, 2016


A Louis XIV Music Room found on the MontoutMiniMonde blog

Thierry Lompre, Artisan

I saw this wonderful picture on the Facebook Miniaturas /Miniatures group timeline an had to know more about the artisan Thierry Lompre. Besides his work, I love the Khalil Gilbran quote he has under the cover photo on his blog:

“It’s in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.”

Following is the English translation of how Thierry Lompre, in his own words, got into dollhouse miniatures:


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Posted on 15 September, 2016


Artist Thomas Burke of Wilmington, DE, built this luxury 9-foot tall birdhouse for George Lucas.

The George Lucas … Birdhouse

I was searching the Internet for interesting dollhouses and was excited to see this 19th century “miniature.” It looked huge compared to the builder posing with it. I was disappointed to read the caption and discover that it was a custom birdhouse given to George Lukas of Star Wars fame as a Christmas present. This is a departure from the dollhouse miniature posts I usually, but it’s a beautiful construction, built by a talent craftsman. And it’s a pleasant story

I found this article on the Skywalker Ranch Birdhouse on Woodworking Network.


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Posted on 10 September, 2016


Tim Sidford, Miniaturist

I have admired Tim Sidford’s work for some time. Every once in a while I scroll through his voluminous Flickr photostream to find new treasures and revisit old favorites. Here are the results of today’s journey. The text is mainly Tim’s words.

Edward Wright Dollhouse

This house (built by Edward Wright) was meant to be finished months ago (I have been commissioned to decorate both interior and exterior). But recently life has been rather busy. Indeed the last year has


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