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Posted on 14 December, 2015


Mark Cutler and Carl Berg’s Italianate dollhouse, one of ten dollhouses auctioned at the Kaleidoscope Ball.

Many Shades Of Pink

What does the word pink mean to you when decorating a dollhouse. A room in soft pastels with girly cream-colored ruffles? Or maybe a shocking, vibrant, knock-your-socks-off pink on the accent wall in your room box, strewn with fuchsia flowers? Do you get a subtle image of a modern dollhouse with pillows and art work providing discrete pops of orchid and royal blue. No matter. Pink offers a vast variety of choices in creating a beautiful miniature decor.


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Posted on 10 December, 2015


Josje Bouwt – A class with Geoff Wonnacott.

Josje Bouwt: Louis XVI Parquetry Gueridon

If you have not visited Josje Bouwt’s “A Beautiful World” blog, consider this an introduction to the types of posts Josie provides. I am including the basics on how to create this small writing desk, but I encourage you to follow the links to see all of the pictures. Look around the blog to see if agree that Josje Bouwts’ work is amazing.


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Posted on 18 November, 2015


Thorne Room – South Carolina Drawing Room, 1775-1800, found on Chicago Art Institute site

Sick Of White Walls

You’ve had enough. Your grandmother’s classic dollhouse has been refurbished twice and still has the same boring white walls. It’s time for a bold change. But to what?

First off, don’t over react. Going bold doesn’t necessarily mean slathering your miniature walls in bright colors. In fact, white walls can be a blessing in disguise. So, let’s put a positive spin on it


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Posted on 25 April, 2015


Susan Downing’s article “Amazing Mix Of Color” in American Miniaturist Magazine

Modern Color Schemes

The article in this flip book, my perspective on color for dollhouse, describes what I would like this blog to be. A place to share ideas with other artisans on ways how to make dollhouses and room boxes come alive. Click on the image to see the flip book, Then please tell me what you think. Am on the right track.

Thank you for taking the time.

Posted by Susan Downing

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