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Posted on 05 December, 2015


Everyone in our circle wears Dolls’ Cobbler shoes. If the shoe fits, buy it!!!

Sylvia Rountree: Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!

Sylvia Rountree is the owner of The Dolls Cobbler, known as the 11 Inch Fashion Doll Shoe Salon. I met Sylvia more than 30 years ago at the Cabbage Patch in Brooksville, Ohio, where we bought miniature supplies.

pink-knee-high-leather-dollhouse-boots-1/12th scale.

Pink dollhouse knee-high leather dollhouse boots in 1/12th scale.

Sylvia has mastered the art of shoe making. Besides fashion shoes and boots in a vast number of styles and color, she makes witches shoes to waders. Sports shoes too: golfing, tennis, you name it.

An article in American Miniatures magazine has a good description of Sylvia’s work. I’m not sure what year this was printed, but the photos are black and white:


Ankle Strap With Jeweld Bickle – 1/12th Scale

“[Sylvia] has a style that she describes as ‘kind of shabby’. All she uses is sheepskin and this cardstock, so the look of the shoe or boot is based on how she skillfully cuts and fashions the material. Each one is different, which adds to their charm. The techniques is very different from some minishoes, which are based on a piece of resin or casting-an easier method.”


Memoirs of Sylvia Prettyman Harbough Rountree, Copyright 2014

Sylvia’s book, “A Dolls’ Cobbler Guide to Shoemaking,” is very good. I bought a copy 4 years ago, fully intending to learn to make my own shoes — someday. But I have so much to learn, so I’m still buying shoes and boots from Sylvia for resale in my shops, which makes us both happy. The Guide is currently out of print, but Google the title; you may find a bookseller with copies.


Sylvia Rountree, winner of the Mel Prescott Award at the 2012 NAME convention in Charlotte, North Carolina



Sylvia Rountree is Guild Fellow in IGMA and is in the NAME Academy of Honor. Her memoir is online and can be downloaded free.


Susan Downing, with Patrick Owens


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