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I have had a life-long love affair with dollhouse miniatures, and careers in art education and interior design. I hope to combine these life experiences to help other miniature enthusiasts get more out of this wonderful hobby we enjoy, a hobby that often reaches the level of an art form. Susan Downing

Posted on 04 December, 2015


Interior of Shiuzou Makita’s secondhand bookstore

The Work of Shuzou Makita

I saw Shuzou Makita “used bookstore” post on the Facebook Miniaturas / Miniatures group page and was bowled over. His work is just wonderful. So detailed; everything just right!


Exterior Interior of Shuzou Makita’s secondhand bookstore

Shuzou lives in Kameoka-shi, in the prefecture of Kyoto, Japan. Following is a machine translation of Facebook / Details on his profile:

“Graphic design and book cover design (book design) to work. Dollhouse & miniature making is a hobby. Dollhouse Association Northeast Chapter Member, conducts production activities mainly in Fukushima Prefecture. Go mainly on Dollhouse & miniature posts on Facebook”.

So it’s a clunky translation. You get the idea.

The links on the pictures go to Shuzou’s timeline. There are many beautiful works pictured – I like all the doors – and an artists studio on February 28th.


Overhead of Shuzou Makita’s secondhand bookstore

Unfortunately, Shuzou only has bits and pieces of the bookstore on his timeline. You will have to got to the Miniaturas / Miniatures group page more pictures. It’s a public group.

Great work, Shuzou Makita!


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